by Doreen DeSalvo

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-10-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Katherine Kerne is an assistant district attorney. A woman in control. Coming from a poor neighborhood she is proud of what she has achieved but also afraid to let go, to slip and fall. She dreams of danger and in walks her teenage crush. Jake Monroe is fresh out of prison. Three years he spent behind bars. Theft his crime. Hes one bad guy and enjoying it, even when he tries to do better to get his woman. Not that Kate would want a tame guy.

One night of pleasure, living dangerously, Jake is the man she trusts. Sexy words and a strong craving for her touch are seduction enough. She takes him home, where he asks for her permission and then sets out to introduce her to the pleasures of pain. Biting is allowed and so is laughter. Hot candle wax and light bondage. Teasing kisses and naughty words. Satisfaction is guaranteed and her pleasure in anything kinky makes her the woman of his dreams. And one to settle down and turn good guy for.

Once A Thief is hot, but too short. Looking at the cover youd think it would be kinky scenes doing it for you. But no, its the seductive ones. When Jake tells Kate exactly how hed like her and what hed do to and with her it scorches the paper.

Id have liked the story to be longer and to offer more of a character and relationship development. The hero, the heroine and the readers deserve it. And let it be less vanilla. Because if a reader is after something real kinky than this is too sweet and conventional. Doreen DeSalvo is holding back. Does she not trust her readers? Im sure they could take it. Give them more! However, for a short and sexy interlude Once A Thief definitely delivers.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Kris Alice.

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