by Charlotte Vye

April 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-440-2
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I’m sure women will be rushing to dial 911 after reading Mr. October by Charlotte Vye. Rory Crewe, the fire fighting hero is as hot as the fires he makes his living fighting. Make sure there is plenty of cold water sitting around as you read this one.

Grace Whitney is thrilled with the success that the firefighters calendar is getting. She helped put it together and she’s getting ready to help plan the publicity for it. Knowing the trends, she makes the calendar sexier and more risqué than before, much to the embarrassment of her mother. But none of the men affect her to the extent that Rory Crewe does. The sexy Mr. October makes her heart race and dangerous thoughts cross her mind every time he’s near. Rory’s sexy and outrageously bold. A player if Grace has ever seen one. She’s not about to risk it all for him.

Rory Crewe will do anything to raise money for the Burn Unit. Even if it means playing a flirtatious player who will hit on any woman he finds near him. No matter how many women he flirts with, there’s only one he can’t get off his mind. Grace, the prim and proper publicist has him tied in knots and drowning in lust. A woman like Grace would never be interested in Mr. October. How can Rory convince her that he isn’t really like his sexy persona?

Flames fly as Grace decides to take a chance and Rory’s dreams come true. A steamy story about a woman learning to believe in herself and learning to make herself happy instead of everyone else. Rory is a touching character who shows emotions and understanding. While the ending seems a little rushed and simplistic, the entire story is well worth the time spent on reading it.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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