by Jeanie Cesarini, Bonnie Hamre, Dominique Sinclair, Kathryn Anne Dubois

July 2004
ISBN: 0-9754516-0X
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

Private Eyes by Dominique Sinclair is the scintillating story of PI Nicci Black whose life is turned upside down when she has a chance encounter with a mesmerizing stranger during the course of a seemingly ordinary investigation. Danger and passion soar as the unknown man coaxes Nicci, against her usual working policy, to surrender herself to his seduction. Nicci has to sort out her feelings and solve the mystery before itís too late.

True to her reputation, author Dominique Sinclair has created a masterpiece of sizzle and seduction in this hot little story that has the reader enthralled from page one. Nicciís struggle to retain her professionalism in the face of extreme temptation and peril feels very genuine. The mystery man is an unknown factor who contributes generously to both the heat and sizzle in the story. Overall, a fantastic read!

In The Ruination of Lady Jane, Bonnie Hamre takes the reader into the realm of historical England. Former wild kid Havyn Attercliffe had just returned from India when his elder brother, Lord Grantham, seeks his aid in recovering his runaway charge, Lady Jane. With ease and ingenuity, Havyn finds Jane. He also finds himself tempted beyond belief when the stubborn young woman requests his seduction, thus, being ruined enough to avoid marriage to a much older man.

Combining the everlasting dictates of the Kamasutra with the deeper principles of Indian philosophy, Bonnie Hamreís tale is certain to live long in the reader's memories. Lady Janeís induction into the world of passion at the hands of skilled lover, Havyn, is burning hot to say the least. With authentic period details and sensitivity, this story is a real page-turner.

Jeanie Cesarini takes the readers into the dangerous world of counter-terrorism in Code Name : Kiss. Dedicated agent Lily Justiss sacrifices her virginity in her role as sex slave in order to get close enough to a radical and elusive emir. While her body succumbs to the expert sexual ministrations of a terrorist, her heart and mind are fully focused on the love of her life. The oblivious, commanding officer Seth Blackthorn, who is watching it all happen via satellite.

Cesariniís story captivates the readers with its exciting and explosive mix of passion and suspense. Lilyís gradual realization of her own bodyís sensuality, Sethís torment in watching it all happen from afar, and the terrorist who is intrigued by his gorgeous, but untouched, American slave - all add a breathless edge to an unbelievably tense drama of red-hot chemistry. The readers will find themselves being seduced as well, page by sizzling page.

Before taking her final vows, a young novice decides to experience temptation before rejecting it in The Sacrifice by Kathryn Anne Dubois. Anastasia willingly goes to the castle of Count Maxwell, the infamous Lord of Pleasure, where the count proceeds to show her passion in all its forms and total glory. Afraid of her own growing unruly emotions and her newly found delight in eroticism, the young woman disappears, leaving the count in despair. Will these two ever find each other again?

Dubois is par master at crafting this eternally tempting tale of passion and seduction. Innocence and experience, belief and hedonism wage a sizzling war during the course of which the author raises an intriguing question as to whether one is even possible with the other. Well-developed characters, conflicts, pathos and a heaping dose of unending sexual gratification makes this a story sure to keep the readers up all night!

Spanning various time periods, with a masterful blend of both historical authenticity and contemporary realism, these four authors have fashioned tales that have passion at their core. But they are, oh, so much more than that. Conflicts of various kinds, whether religious, professional or personal, add depth to these sagas. The vibrant characters and erotic interludes breathe life into the pages. Overall, there is warmth, humor, love, passion, suspense and more in the pages of this captivatingly, sexy anthology. What more could the reader desire?!

Reviewed in October 2004 by Rashmi.