by Jamie Sobrato

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-79137-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #133
Mass Market Paperback

Commitment shy party planner Julie Emory finds herself in a bind when the stripper she has hired for Cole Mathesonís 30th birthday party turns up sick. Whatís a party planner to do but don the Zorro mask and high-heeled boots herself. After all the show must go on and Cole Matheson is Some Kind Of Sexy. Just right for a spontaneous little fling.

The only problem is that Cole Matheson isnít the little fling type. He wants a serious relationship with some one who he can build a life with. When he sees Miss Zorro though all coherent thoughts go right out the window.

The couple feels an instant attraction and Cole finds himself agreeing to a one-night stand with the mystery woman. Will he be able to talk Miss Zorro out of her mask and into his bed for more than one night?

Putting a little spin on the usual commitment fear of men Jamie Sobrato has penned perhaps her sexiest story to date. With her role reversal she gives the reader a look at a traditional story line with a whole new twist. Memorable characters, scorching love scenes and sparkling dialog makes this story Some Kind Of Sexy and one the reader wonít soon forget. Ms Sobrato is certainly making a name for herself as a hot new author to watch.

As one who has read this author from the beginning of her career I can honestly say her writing definately improves with each new release. If you are looking for a sexy fun read then be sure and reserve your copy of Some Kind Of Sexy today. You wonít be disappointed and will defiantly be waiting in line for the next release by the talented Ms Sobrato.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Barbara.

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