by Doreen Roberts

July 1995
ISBN: 0-373-07653-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #653
Mass Market Paperback

Time travel is a fascinating subject and this particular author handles it so well - Doreen Roberts actually makes you believe it could happen! This story is set in the present day - the hero, coming from the American Civil War, is amazed at finding himself in a totally new world.

Corie, the heroine, finds the hero collapsed on her doorstep. When he finally comes around, his memory is gone and all he can remember is being called Granger. Corie reluctantly agrees to give him food and shelter in return for help with the old house she has bought in which she is turning into a guesthouse.

There are some amusing moments in this story but it is mostly a story of suspense and passion. As Granger's memory unfolds, they realise he has been kidnapped and hidden away by Corie's employers, who are scientists.

Corie's employers were working on a new star that appeared to fall to earth at a certain time. While tracking its path, Granger falls with the flash of the star landing. The scientists are excited because they have discovered a real time traveller and do not want anyone to know so they keep him for research purposes. Corie has to find a way of returning him to his own time without her employers finding out she is hiding him.

The passion between Granger and Corie is electric! The sexual tension fairly simmers as they fight to control their growing attraction, knowing there can be no future in it.

The scientific details in the story are very good. Ms. Roberts has researched her subject well - the hero's amazement at the things he sees in the 20th century is touching as well as amusing.

Ms. Roberts manages to create a story filled with just the right amount of tension and passion to make the story a very interesting read. She also manages to transport us to Gettysburg during the civil war and back to the present day without losing any of the suspense of the story.

This is the first time I have read a book by Doreen Roberts and I have very much enjoyed her style of writing. If you haven't sampled her work before, So Little Time is a good book to start with - I recommend this book as a very good read.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Mary.

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