by Evelyn Rogers

May 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5215-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Evelyn Rogersís newest novel, More Than You Know is a timely account of a famous life that takes a wrong turn on the road of life. Toni Cavender was one of Hollywoodís biggest stars, when a very sleazy producer is killed and the evidence points directly at Toni. She is devastated and her life is completely turned upside down. Even after she is acquitted, the Paparazzi will not leave her alone. Soon, Toni realizes that someone is trying to hurt her and believes that this person does not want her past to come to light. Worried, Toni hires private detective Damon Bradley. Shortly after meeting Toni, Damon realizes that her complaints are not from the imagination of a flaky star but that a killer is after Toni. Damon is determined to find out who wants to kill Toni and to discover what she is hiding in her past. As, Toni and Damon work to uncover a killer they also discover the deep feelings they have for each other; will their love survive or will a killer bring a swift end to a budding romance?

More Than You Know, begins with an interesting premise, one that has become very familiar in the past few years. A star is indicted as a killer, this was an interesting start to a romance novel, however; I have to admit that I have seen so much of this on T.V. it made the story seem a little tired and not as fresh as I would have liked. On the other hand, Rogerís does an excellent job with the characters of Toni and Damon, their interaction with each other and their emotions ring true to life and brought the story to life for me. Toniís secrets also keep the reader interested in the story and the pages turning. Unfortunately; I felt that the story moved a little slow for me and was a tad bit predictable. In the end, this is a story that has enduring characters and from them springs a love that touches the heart. This story would make a great beach read for those hot summer afternoons.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jen.

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