by Veronica Chadwick

April 2004
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Linea has known nothing but pain and humiliation for so long she has forgotten what it means to give and receive love, compassion. She has one last chance to escape her brutally abusive sadistic uncle and his treacherous machinations. When her desperate flight leaves her weakened and battered, laying at the feet of the powerful man she has been taught to fear.

Lord Draven Amaranth, fierce warrior king, has been gifted with the power to draw the emotions of others into him. This unusual ability has served him well in the past but the badly bruised beauty holds the power to heal him or destroy him. He has learned from a past steeped in treachery and betrayal that it is best to keep your enemies close. The providential discovery of the maiden while on patrol leaves Draven understandably leery of placing his trust in the accidental meeting.

Linea quickly learns that Draven is no ordinary man. He excites her but she resists surrendering to the wanton desire to lie down within the protection of his brawny arms. The power she feels rising within her cries out longingly to Draven, pushing them closer towards a perilous fate and a love that will be felt in this world and the next.

Veronica Chadwick`s the Warlord`s Gift is superb. It is an intensely emotional, well-written book with finely balanced characterization. I enjoyed the twist Ms. Chadwick gave the damsel in distress aspect of this book. There are many delightful twists to this book and I guarantee readers will never be bored. Stay tuned for the sequel to this entertaining gem in the near future.


Reviewed in May 2004 by Cynthia.

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