by Diana Hunter

April 2004
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What does one do when married to your soul mate and you get along fine and compatible everywhere except the bedroom? You both try to compromise which is exactly what Lissa and David do. Lissa likes bondage and David doesnít. Oh he does try sometimes to please Lissa, but it isnít enough and they both know it. They had talked about trying to find someone that could control Lissa in the bedroom for sex only, but that is as far as it had gone was the talking stage.

In walk Master Richard and his wife Adora into the picture. They are practically in the same boat as Lissa and David. Richard is the Master and Adora doesnít like anything strong or domineering in the bedroom, she likes it simple and gentle. Master Richard and Adora get acquainted to David and Lissa as they share a table with them for the first time when the restaurant where they were eating, was busy and they didnít know each other.

Richard can see Lissa is missing something and he knows what it is and he can also see that David would be good for his wife Adora as well. But how to bring them all together to help fulfill that one part of their lifeís that is lacking and needs to be fulfilled.

Can each of them get past the knowledge of what their significant other is doing or what they might be doing? The big question is can Lissa trust Richard, especially when Lissa might get exactly what she wants and needs in the bedroom. And can David and Adora find that spark as well to help fulfill them in the bedroom.

Ms. Hunter has given us a wonderful story in Table For Four. Table For Four is about finding and accepting each other for who and what you are. It is knowing the limits of each other and helping to find the right connections to help bring out the happiness in each of them. Donít make a mistake that Table For Four is all about BDSM because it is not. Remember that two of the characters like the more vanilla aspect of making love, yes not sex but making love as you will come to realize.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Pam.

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