by Diana Palmer

June 1992
ISBN: 0-373-05715-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #715
Mass Market Paperback

Tabitha Harvey has been in love with her best friend's older brother, Nick Reed, for what seems like forever. Unfortunately, Nick is the definition of the "confirmed bachelor". He's an ex-FBI, private detective who can never stay in once place for too long without developing wanderlust. Tabby is an anthropologist who is a bit eccentric and finds the past much more interesting that the present. She is an old-fashioned kind of girl who wants nothing more than to get married and settle down with a couple of kids - just the kind of thing that makes Nick break out in a cold sweat.

When Tabby is under suspicion for stealing an ancient artifact from her university, whom else would she go to for help but Nick? This time Tabby isn't going to make a fool out of herself by falling all over him. She has a fiancÚ now. Who cares if he doesn't really love her or that she doesn't feel a thing for him physically? He wants to marry her, and that will have to be enough. However, Nick isn't going to let Tabby settle for less than a passionate love affair. Tabby wants Nick with a passion that scares her, even as it thrills her, but she wants a permanent relationship. She knows that Nick can't offer her more than his body.

The mystery of the missing artifact wasn't much of a mystery since anyone could see who the thief was a mile away. Also, Tabby seems to have a complete personality transformation towards the end that wasn't very believable from what we had learned about her previously. Nonetheless, The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor was a quick entertaining read that I finished in one afternoon. Palmer's writing experience really shows in her portrayal of human emotions, and the love scenes didn't have me complaining! By the end of The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor I felt as though Nick truly had been reformed and was ready to settle down with Tabby. Since that was what the book was all about - it was a job well done.

Reviewed in August 2001 by Nicole.

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