by Mandy M. Roth

April 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-430-5
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Gwyneth Stevens works at the Paranormal Regulators Law Offices as the assistant to the City's Chief Paranormal Prosecutor. An investigation of the increased number of hellhound murders takes Gwen to Necro's Magik World and Supernatural Theme Park. A place where zombies meet you at the gate, faeries battle trolls, and a master vampire is the owner. It's a good thing Gwen has powers of her own. They will come in handy during her investigation.

Gwen knew that vampires were powerful, but that didn't prepare her for Necro's owner, Mr. Pallo. He seemed to recognize her, though she couldn't recall ever meeting him before. She certainly would have remembered the gorgeous Adonis had they met. The same goes for Caleb, a supernatural bounty hunter who also happens to be Si, just like Gwen. Si is the name for faery. He also acts as if they have met before. Gwen is just glad to have him and Pallo around since they both end up saving her life more than once.

Gwen has a recurring dream of a woman telling her she is the balance. Then she starts having visions of herself in a different time and a different place. Pallo and Caleb were in her visions. As part sidhe, or faerie, Gwen knows she has a magical life. Now, the visions are teaching her she also had a magical past life.

The very ones Gwen was sent to interrogate are the ones that become her protectors as she becomes a target of the Realm of Darkness. She has questions concerning life and she is willing to endanger herself in order to get those answers.

I would be hard pressed to call Daughter of Darkness a romance. There is not much romance in this tale by Mandy M. Roth, but there are plenty of sex scenes. The heroine has sexual relations with more than one man and on one occasion, at the same time. It is difficult to distinguish who the hero is supposed to be. That being said, I still enjoyed the book. I was enthralled from the first paragraph to the last. Good writing, an intriguing plot, and definitely character driven, Daughter of Darkness is an attention grabber to say the least. Mandy M. Roth seduces the reader as surely as the master vampire seduces Gwen. Just watch out for those trolls under the bridge!

Daughter of Darkness is Mandy M. Roth's debut novel and the first of the Gwyneth Stevens series.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Rho.

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