by Sharon Horton

July 2004
ISBN: 0-7599-4683-3
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Kendra is having problems as she is being stalked and finally turned to the police for help. Unfortunately, the person stalking her was a very well-known citizen and Kendra wasnít! So finally off to the police station she goes only to end up with a lieutenant who has been on overtime for over a day. And of course, she isnít sure anyone can help her but she has to try, she wants her life back. She is tired of always being on guard and not doing the things she did before that fateful night.

Lieutenant Jenkins, Jinx, is walking out the door when he notices a lady sitting in one of the rooms. He is so tired and he just wants to go home and get some sleep but he decides to help the lady sitting there. So he does take the information down but is not sure how he can help her, because although she is clearly being stalked, there is really nothing he can do to help her out. But he tries anyway.

Kendra and Jinx are both kindred souls. They are both widowed and they donít want to love again. They loved once and donít think they can find it in their hearts to love again. Both feel guilty about the love that is starting to grow. They both see themselves in the other and try to help each other lessen the guilt they feel and be able to love again.

Jinxed is a story of finding love again where it's least expected and being given a second chance at love. There is a coming to terms between the two of them and how they deal with each other and their love that is blossoming. Kendra is still in danger from the stalker who is getting closer and closer to her. Can Jinx help Kendra with the stalker and keep her safe?

Ms. Horton has given us a story of helplessness, guilt, understanding and love. As it takes all of those things and more for these two to find the love they have for each other and help them heal as well. It also takes the love of their prior spouses and love they have for them to move forward into the future they had always hoped they would have. This is the first story by Ms. Horton that I have read and I will be on the lookout for more stories by her.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Pam.

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