by Sharon Horton

February 2004
ISBN: 0-7599-4419-9
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Agent Singer McLaine is sent on a mission to go find two police officers that are being held on a dock. Only problem is no one knows which one, until Singer gets on her trusty bike with a transmitter and rides the docks. Oh, no one knows she is actually a woman instead of the teenage boy she is dressed as. That is until she finds them and one of them sees her as the woman she is.

Evan Wolcott can’t believe his luck when Singer shows up to their rescue. Only he is also rescuing her as well, she was hit in the head with a baseball bat then thrown into the same place he and his fellow officer, Ted Saunders, were being held. Evan is instantly attracted to Singer and even realizes she is a woman when Ted sees her as the teenage boy while helping her.

Singer knew before meeting Evan by the picture in his bio that he was someone special and one she would like to know better. She was attracted to him even then. The interaction between the two of them while in the warehouse was unbelievable it was like they had known each other for years instead of the short time span they had together. They felt that comfortable around each other and shared their life with each other.

Even though this attraction was strong it still brought about a major miscommunication problem. And left both of them feeling miserable and Singer doing things out of character. But all of this was about to change.

Another mission came along for both Evan and Singer and this brought them in close contact with each other, very close, sharing quarter’s close. But this mission also brought danger and the possibility of death to them if they were not careful. Can they survive this mission and move on with their lives?

First Sight To Last, is an incredible story of found love then lost and reunited once again. Singer and Evan are special as their love never dies when they are apart but only grew stronger. There is a lot of emotions in this story from love, hope, mistrust, sad, guilty, heartache and blossoming love. The secondary characters are wonderful as they all play an important part of the story no matter how small in the story. Not only do we see the love of Singer and Evan but the love of Ted Saunders and Abby, a friend and fellow agent of Singer’s. Evan and Singer had an endearment for each other, “Singer always Singer” and “Evan always Evan”. Those three little words were all they needed to say to the other to let them know they loved each other deeply and always would.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Pam.

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