by Kelly McDonough

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59088-284-9
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For years, Chris, out of fear of being rejected, has hidden his heart on his sleeve. No woman wants a man incapable of fathering children. His old girlfriend, Maureen, showed him that.

As a single mom, Kate’s main priority is taking care of her two young daughters. They need all the love and support she can give them. Even though their father Scott sends them monthly child support payments, more than anything, the girls really need a stable father figure in their lives.

Chris and Kate once traveled the same halls in high school, but they never really talked. When a church fundraiser brings them together after so many years, a romance quickly kindles. The blaze between them ignites into love, but it is a cautious love because Chris must come to terms with his past and Kate has to deal with her ex-husband’s newfound presence in their daughters’ lives. If each of them holds onto their newly discovered love, the barriers surrounding their hearts will fall, and what was once a wary love will become an everlasting one.

Crazy For Kate is a winning tale of two broken hearts who finally have their dreams realized in each other. Although the story’s momentum moves rather slowly at times, McDonough’s lively writing eases the tension, and the appealing characters carry the story almost effortlessly.

Chris and Kate are an enthralling couple. Being a part of their lives is similar to having the opportunity to set your two best friends up on a date. You sit back, cross your fingers, and pray everything works out. Chris’ Achilles heel only makes him more attractive. He still remains a prince among men. He is a genuinely caring and thoughtful person whose actions are endearing. His three-ring proposal is an unforgettable, heart-stopping sigh of joy.

Thanks to Kelly McDonough, happy endings are back in style, and it’s about time.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Natasha.

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