by Metsy Hingle

November 2000
ISBN: 0-373-76250-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1250
Mass Market Paperback

Blake, during a violent storm in Texas, crashes his car and is knocked unconscious. Josie comes across the car wreck while she is struggling to keep her car on the road. She helps Blake, who has lost his memory and has no idea about the baby twins Josie finds strapped in their car seats in the back of the car.

Josie's mothering instincts take over and she takes them all to her farmhouse where they are stranded for a week because of the weather and the river floods. Josie is a young widow with very little self- confidence, owing to being brought up in an orphanage. In addition, her previous marriage was a disaster. Blake is attracted to her but doesn't want to give in to his feelings. He begins to experience flashbacks that lead him to believe that he might be of doubtful character. Josie refuses to believe this as she sees how gentle he is with the twins.

The sexual chemistry between them is explosive and Josie can't understand why he refuses to give in to his feelings. She thinks that maybe it is because she isn't attractive enough. Josie wants desperately to know if the twins are his and if he has a wife. The twins are adorable and Josie is a natural mother, which endears her to Blake, who gets more attracted to her as he sees her interact with the twins.

The book builds to a suspenseful climax. Blake proves to be a good guy in the end, possessing a heroic character. Ms. Hingle's pace and suspense works well and the attraction between the hero and heroine work well with the plot. She manages to make you feel Blake's anguish as he struggles to remember why he has the twins

This book is well written with a very attractive hero. The heroine isn't your typical beauty but she has an inner strength that makes you want her to get the hero in the end! I liked it a lot and give it 5 stars.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Mary.

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