by Katherine Kingston, Mlyn Hurn, Belle Andre

April 2004
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Crown Jewels consists of 3 stories: The Princess Brat by Katherine Kingston, The Man Who Would Be King by Myln Hurn and What A Queen Wants by Bella Andre.

The Princess Brat begins with Lord Baxter having an ale with Ryal, a friend of his who has a suggestion about how Baxter can earn the money he needs to start his business plus gain entrance into the King’s Court. Baxter can be a tutor to Princess Fanny, the King’s younger daughter.

Princess Fanny is a hoyden who has been allowed to run wild. She has chased off every nanny and tutor hired for her. Her mother died giving birth to her and she grew up with no discipline whatsoever, nor any idea of how to perform her royal duties.

This story captured my attention for the beginning and didn’t let go. It was interesting to see Baxter loosen up a little while Fanny learned her lessons well, with help from each other.

Lord Marcus, the new liege lord, is The Man Who Would Be King, until he discovers the old King has an heir! Princess Syranna was sent to live on the moon planet Kalledane, with her maternal grandfather when she was a child. She was believed dead by many years ago. While she was with her grandfather, he taught her how to enhance her powers. Her particular power is the ability to enter another’s mind and control it.

Lord Marcus, with help from his friend and man-at-arms, Sir William has decided that he should marry the Princess, thereby firming up the peace that had started with the old King’s demise. However, the Princess is not open to the suggestion of matrimony. When Marcus visits her room the first night, she uses her powers to make him think he did indeed molest her. He awakens and leaves her room and she then dresses and escapes. He follows her home and well…the fun starts.

The Man Who Would Be King was a fun story with wizards, dragons, dragonets and the discovery of love.

What A Queen Wants is a story of a 30-year-old woman who has been the Queen of her country for 25 years. She is a highly sexed woman whose sexual desires are beyond the norm. Her ‘bodyguards’ have provided her with scenarios that she dictates. However she is bored with them until she meets a man named Gavin Court, an arrogant man who doesn’t concede to Elizabeth, just because she’s Queen.

Gavin Court is a man to be reckoned with – an undercover agent who has retired to his home country to start an investment company.

The story wasn’t long enough for me to get to know the characters, let alone like them! Both come off as very strong willed and unwilling to compromise. I can’t see a HEA for this pair.

Reviewed in August 2004 by PamL.