by Mari Byrne

April 2004
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Picking up where Stephanie`s Menage left off, Queen`s Warriors continues the remarkable story of a war torn land ruled by a sadistic power hungry Queen who will hold onto her throne at all costs.

Shan Lin and Vincent Rayan have been charged with a perilous mission for their country Aranak. To save their world from complete ruin, the twins will commit the gravest of sins betrayal. They are fed up with their aunt, Queen Sara`s sexual escapades and violent temper. Her refusal to surrender the crown to the rightful heir is tearing the Realm apart. She will do anything; sacrifice anyone, including members of her family, to ensure the throne of Aranak`s Queen remains hers.

To conceal their mission from her spies, Shan Lin and Vincent will use the excuse of finding their mate to travel to the Realm of Earth and update the new Queen of Aranak. What started out as a ruse soon becomes as real as the passion this one little woman inspires.

Shari White doesn`t expect her whole world to change when she opens her front door to two of the most strikingly handsome men she has ever laid eyes on. She also doesn't expect to find herself caught in the middle of a fight to save an entire realm. Now, she`s married to two men, no less and aroused and panting at just a glance from one of them, to make matters worse an evil queen threatens their future together. What`s a feisty independent woman to do? Protect her men, of course.

Mari Byrne`s dynamic imaginative world of passionate twins and the courageous strong-willed women who love them is back. Although the story had some slow spots in the beginning the rest of it makes up for it. I would have appreciated more time spent on the relationship between the twins and Shari, but the information we are given is necessary to the continuity of the storyline. I loved it, and hope you will, too.


Reviewed in April 2004 by Cynthia.

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