by Kathleen O`Reilly

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69167-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #967
Mass Market Paperback

Pillow Talk starts as four friends gather at a friend’s wedding. The four friends, Jessica, Mickey, Beth and Cassandra make a toast to the single life and all the possibilities that are ahead of them, celebrating the joys of the single life.

Jessica Barnes has the perfect job at the perfect company and is well on her way to her goal of owning a Porsche in only 2.1 more years. Jessica is also on the fast track to making Vice President at Hard-Wire Networks, the computer networking equipment manufacturer she has worked at for three years. The promotion would put her in Porsche buying mode in about 9 months. There is just one problems standing in her way, Adam Taylor the ax-man who is out to eliminate her job in the buy-out of Hard-Wire by JCN, the computer international computer conglomerate.

Adam Taylor is the best at what he does, eliminating unnecessary jobs in his firms buy-outs. He has made his living cutting costs in each buy out and makes a nice bonus for himself with each transaction. Adam has never given much thought to the people involved in his down sizing, not until he meets Jessica Barnes that is.

Jessica and Adam both know they should be enemies but as they work together to ensure a smooth transition of the companies they soon find themselves with very unbusinesslike feelings for each other.

Pillow Talk is book 1 of the highly entertaining Bachelorette Pact series by the talented Kathleen O’Reilly. The author has penned a series that the reader won’t soon forget. The characters are charming and the situations have a very real feel to them.

Using a very unique voice Ms. O’Reilly has created a series readers will long remember. In the first book she keeps the reader guessing about the final outcome right up until the very last chapter. Her witty dialogue and sharp sense of humor in Pillow Talk show Ms. O’Reilly is at the top of her game as a gifted storyteller.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Barbara.

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