by Chris Manby

June 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25060-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Dress Ink
Trade Paperback

Ruby Taylor, Louisa Capshaw, and Martin Ashcroft had loved and lost. Now they were tired of losing and ready to love forever with the perfect soulmate. At a wedding reception for a friend who’d met her own soulmate by placing a personal ad, a club was formed. The Lonely Hearts Club. As members of this club they would write personal ads for one another. Lou would write Martin’s. Martin would write Ruby’s and Ruby would write Lou’s. They were all friends. They trusted each other with their lives. They just weren’t entirely sure about trusting one another with their love lives.

Ruby had done the math. She knew statistics were not in her favor. For London’s two million or so single women, only less than 100,000 men were actually eligible to be a potential husband. This may be harder than she originally thought it might be.

Sensible Lou had learned from her dating mistakes. She tried to share her useful knowledge with her friend Ruby. Ruby was too compassionate for her own good. She believed every sob story ever told. Lou could spot a loser a mile away. It was an advantage in her opinion. Even if it meant letting a handsome stranger get away. At least, she was safe from any potential heartache.

Martin was tired of settling. He settled on a career that left him wanting more. He settled on the women he dated. Martin just didn’t have the eagerness within himself to take chances. In a word, his life was safe.

Despite their self-preservation tactics, and their quirky single scene rituals, the trio knew enough was enough. It was time for a change. It was time to take cupid by the wings and find their soulmates.

Chris Manby’s wry sense of humor is addictive and charming at the same time. Her Seinfeld-esque analogy of the single life is honest to the point of being almost painful. I loved the believable characters. I could relate to each one of them. Manby’s style of writing is smooth and loyal to the personalities of her characters. Getting Personal is definitely a must read.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Rho.

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