by Lynda Curnyn

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25057-6
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Trade Paperback

Grace Noonan’s latest boyfriend is history. Six months of great sex are not enough for a lasting relationship, a family. Then there is Michael at work. Another ex-boyfriend and this one is getting married. Oh, and the campaign Grace is working on needs to scale down, as youth is what brings in the money. Grace works for a cosmetic company. Specializing in products for the woman over thirty…until they decide to pay for a 19-year-old supermodel to get into the younger market. So what does the job offer? It’s well paid, comes with a boss she dislikes, an assistant she adores and a paycheck to make an apartment on the Upper West Side look affordable.

So Grace’s romantic love life is not really happening (she does have a bad boy on hand for some bed sport) and her job doesn’t look too good, but at least she’s got friends and family. Then the best friend gets married in Vegas and her parents decide to spend the holidays in Paris. Added to all that Grace finds out that her real mother, the one to give birth to her, won’t be answering any questions or welcome her with open arms ever. She turns to her therapist. And when that doesn’t work there only seems one solution: A baby, someone to love her unconditionally.

Life is strange though and romantic, especially when set in New York City during the holiday season. Grace is to purchase the painting that brought her parents together. And whom does she meet when standing in front of it? The man of her dreams, Jonathan Somerfield. Romantic? Oh yes!

What I so loved most about Bombshell, was Grace and Jonathan’s tender and romantic lovestory. The way he can’t take his eyes of her. How he brings her flowers and is so uncertain of the budding relationship. Sure there is far more to the story, like Grace’s relationship to her adoptive parents, her therapist, her best friend, her boss and her newfound sister and aunt. But those moments when Grace and Jonathan are just so happy to have found each other made me cry. Especially as it allowed both of them to heal the other. To love and be loved and to use it to spread it further, to their families, friends and even their workmates.

Bombshell is charming, tragic, heart warming and very loving. This might be my first Lynda Curnyn novel, but definitely not my last. I’ve discovered a new writing voice and a strong and likable heroine worth spending time with.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Kris Alice.

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