by Vanessa Hart

April 2004
ISBN: 1-931761-92-2
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Itís my belief that every person has a fantasy that they would like to enact in regard to their personal sex life. Whether youíre experienced or not I believe this to be true. Jill Breckenridge has a strong idea about her sex life or lack thereof.

Sheís going to be twenty-two, and thereís no way she wants to enter her twenty second year as a virgin. She has gone to the one person she can trust to help her with a plan, her sister Meredith. Together they have devised a plan.

Jill has been invited to the luxury home of family friend, Beverly Haywood for a Kentucky Derby party. The party is a masquerade party, and she has devised a costume as revealing as her normal attire is at concealing her lovely body.

What Jill doesnít count on is the attention she garners from unwanted people. Fortunately for her, a person she knows only as the Lone Ranger is able to ward off unwanted advances, and is willing to be flirtatious with Jill. The night goes much as Jill wanted, but it doesnít take much for either partner in Jillís fantasy to want to be a name to the other. However, Jillís moral code doesnít allow for this.

Fast forward several weeks, and Jill, and the previously unknown partner meet up again. Accidentally Jill discovers his name, and puts two and two together. Hay, as heís known to his friends is a little slower on the uptake.

Hay Fever, is not a hot book that will singe your fingers by most standards. I enjoyed it because while Jill and Hay fell into bed without knowing each other they later established a relationship, and got to know each other for who they truly were, and not who they were pretending to be. This new found friendship then became the basis for what we as readers can only hope will be a long term relationship.

Hay Fever will make a nice quick read for those readers trying to sneak in one last read of summer before they hit the ground running with the advent of the new school year.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Sandi.

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