by Desiree Lindsey

April 2004 Reissue
ISBN: 1-58608-431-3
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As Sarah lies helpless in bed, waiting for the newest client to finish, he tells her that he has come to take her away. Even more important, he tells her that her daughter has been carried to safety. She goes with the stranger, thinking of her daughter.

Stephen Rathburn, the fourth Duke of Whitbury, is intent on vengeance upon the woman that has taken his younger brother's life. However, he did not imagine that Sarah would stir him so.

Sarah does not understand Stephen's intent. She only knows that she has to do whatever is in her power to get her daughter back.

Prisoner of Passion is a historical romance in the classic sense of the word. The sort of romance with all sorts of emotional twists and turns, a brooding hero and long-suffering heroine. This book is filled with emotion. The passion and attraction between the two main characters is palpable. Stephen is the perfect brooding hero, and the hatred he thinks he has towards Sarah turns into an equally strong love. Sarah is someone that does not know what the word happiness is, all her life she has been a victim and used and abused as a fancy whore. The atmosphere of this book is intended to be dark, due to the sordid nature of some of the historical background. Although I found this book's pace a bit slow for my taste and a tad melodramatic, lovers of classic historical romance will not find this story lacking. If you fancy a highly sensual and dramatic read filled with heart-wrenching emotion, Prisoner of Passion would be a good choice for you.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Mireya.

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