by Yvonne Lehman

May 2003
ISBN: 1-5866-0374-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing Inc.

Can you imagine how much an artist would cherish his hands? Meet Matthew MacEwen, art major with a future that is almost set in stone. God truly gifted Matthew when he gave him the ability to draw. However God also gave Matthew a test the day he put him on a plane that was in a horrific crash.

Matt had choices that day. After all he survived the impact and could safely see a way out of the burning plane and maybe if he hadnít looked back Ė back at the burning girl, he would have kept on going. However he did turn back and he took those same hands that God had given him and beat the flames from her body.

That burning girl was Christine Norwood and Matt and many other people thought that he had thrown away his most precious gift for nothing because they all assumed she had died that awful day. Only she didnít die and she never forgot the young man who fought off the fire and pulled her to safety.

Christine is determined to go to North Carolina where she found out that Matt works for a white water rafting company that his grandfather once started. However once she sets eyes on her hero, she is too scared to tell him her story. After all she has now seen his hands or what used to be hands and she knows how different his life is now. Luckily for her she decides to stick around long enough to learn a little about the hero named Matt and what she discovers might change her life as well as his.

Be prepared to have an hour or so to devote to this tiny but powerful book. What a wonderful example of how a person of faith can take the bad things in their lives and turn them into something remarkable. Lehman did a fabulous job with this "starting over" story and I, as a reader, felt I walked away a better person after reading it.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Shelby.

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