by Rachel Bo

April 2004
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Can one woman be attracted to two men at the same time? The two guys being best friends and roommates at that, and seem to have a special bond between them? And the two guys attracted to the one woman? That is exactly what happens in Strength in Numbers 1: Double Jeopardy.

Kendall feels like she is too old, ten years older than Sutter and Josh and just wonders what they are doing with someone her age and her looks. But it doesnít take too much convincing on their part to see Kendall again and again. She learns just what is so special about Sutter and Josh and herself.

Sutter and Josh have found the love of their life; yes, in Kendall. They both love and will do anything to make her see just how much. Sutter and Josh are like night and day in both looks and personality. This bond they have between them is mental. They can communicate with each other with just their thoughts and they can do the same with Kendall.

The connection is strong between them and they can tell when something is wrong with the other. They can also block the others from their thoughts as well. They also learn a few new tricks they can do with this bond as well.

Kendall, Sutter and Josh all must overcome hurdles in order to be together and live together as one. Yes all three of them living together as one happy family. But can that happiness last or will others feel they have to put an end to the arrangement? I canít say what type of problems or hurdles must be overcome, as that will be giving too much of the story away.

Rachel Bo has given us a story that surpasses the normal hero/heroine romance by adding another element to the story, another hero. Sutter and Josh have unique talents both inside and outside the bedroom. Not only do we see the relationship between all three of them grow, we also see an added dimension to Sutter and Josh as well. Yes this has m/m sex scenes in this story but, it didnít draw away from the plot either. Iíll be on the outlook from the next story in this series, as I am interested to see what Ms. Bo has in store for us next.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Pam.

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