by Max and Ariana Overton

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59426-020-6
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Trade Paperback

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After a portal trip gone wrong Samantha and James Hays' daughter, Gaia, went missing along with her Yowie protector Rima, also known as Cindy. Dr. Xanatuo, a dolphin and man-like being, has managed to come across them 30,000 years in the past. The extraordinary machine Vox Dei, sent them there. Samantha’s sister, Andi, helped to build the Vox Dei. All seems lost to the Hays until news is given of a way to travel backwards in time.

A crew of specialists accompany the Hays into an expansion of reality. That being the case, the danger doubles since it could disintegrate at any given time. More than their daughter is at stake. The world as they know it could be forever changed.

The same beings that persuaded the specialists to build the machine that produced such havoc at Glass Mountain are lying in wait for their next victim. They are called the Quinkan, the embodiment of evil, and they want Gaia. Time is of the essence as Sam and James rush to save their daughter.

The group arrive more than 10 years later than they had planned. Andi and Marc, now married, are summoned to join the quest. People they meet along the way appear and disappear for no apparent reason as the Quinkan fight for control of Gaia. She realizes that she holds the key to the world’s survival. The cycle of life and death is as it must be in order to function the way it was meant to be.

Max and Ariana Overton have authored a colossal tour de force that will leave the reader breathless with awe. Looking Glass is the final installment in the Glass House trilogy. This adventure is sure to be added to science fiction’s list of classics. Penned with beautiful imagery, the trilogy was obviously well researched. The characters were never lost in the plot or the setting. The Overtons remained loyal to the characters and allowed them to tell the story. Readers are going to be bowled over by the twists and turns that lead to the impressive ending.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Rho.

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