by Max and Ariana Overton

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59426-011-7
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Trade Paperback

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Physicist, Andromeda Jones is taking a much needed break. Though relaxing is the last thing she can manage while her sister Samantha and brother-in-law James are missing. Marc, a former assistant of Samís, calls Andi with news that may or may not be a key in finding Andiís missing sibling. Marc is convinced that the job he offers her is in someway connected to the disappearance. However, Andi has very good reason not to trust Marc. She wants to turn the job down. Only she canít. Andi has followed every clue, however small, in hopes that it could lead her to Samantha. Regardless of Andiís feelings for Marc, she knows she must take the job.

Andiís ex-lover, Morgan Steele, has set up a highly secured laboratory inside a dead volcano on Glass Mountain. All of the brilliant minds in science have been brought to the laboratory. Andi had fled Morgan once already. If returning will bring her closer to finding her sister then that is what Andi will do. Rumors have Steele in the same location as Sam when she disappeared. Upon arriving at Glass Mountain, Andi is caught within a complex web of avarice and treachery.

Morgan Steele claims the machine he is building is to eliminate wars. Andi helps in constructing Vox Dei, the machine that actually can control the minds of people all over the world. Several groups, including the military want the machine. Things get out of control and mankind is in danger like never before.

A Glass Darkly is the second offering in The Glass House Trilogy. The Overtonís manage to construct a thrilling paranormal which will have the reader begging for more. The writing is descriptive, the characters strong, and the plot riveting. The growth of Andi and Marcís relationship is a pleasure to read. While A Glass Darkly is a quick read, it is not hurried. Check out this vivid tale and experience the remarkable quest for yourself.

Glass House begins the trilogy and ends with Looking Glass

Reviewed in August 2004 by Rho.

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