by Jaye Roycraft

February 2002
ISBN: 1-893-89674-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Jaye Roycraft has created a riveting and unique world in her vampire series, starting with the first book Double Image. In After Image, we meet Drago who appeared briefly in the first book and made a lasting impression on readers with his dangerous, aloof and aristocratic personality.

Alex Dragovich (best known to all as Drago) is a member of the ruling vampire society Directorates and is their most powerful l'enforcier. He has always been able to handle anything that was required of him with regards to the cases the Directorate had given him. But his unusual, unorthodox ways of resolving past cases has him in jeopardy of losing his position with the Directorates.

He takes on his next case with the same attitude he has the previous ones. He doesn't plan on getting involved, only dealing out the punishment or justice as deemed. But this case suddenly takes a more personal turn and Drago finds his life and his heart on the line for the first time in all his existence.

Heroine Marya Jaks is a gypsy, the daughter of a dhampir. Dhampirs are the offspring of a vampire and a mortal wife and are very unique. Their odd mixture of blood is actually poison to another vampire. They are also able to detect vampires and this makes them dangerous vampire-hunters. Marya soon learns that Drago has deemed her a threat to all vampires and has ordered that she be terminated. She does the only thing she can; she strikes back.

Drago is completely caught off guard when he realizes his elusive affaire d' amour is Marya, but he has other concerns when he becomes the hunted in a game of power struggle with an unknown vampire, and he has to protect Marya as well as uncloak the killer.

This story is a fantastic read for lovers of horror, intrigue, and romance. It's a page-turner and you won't want to put down until you've read every last word. I love the wonderful strengths that both Drago and Marya showed, and the plot was so multifaceted and unique. For lovers of this genre, it's a guaranteed great read.

Reviewed in December 2001 by Kari.

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