by Cynthia Williams

April 2004
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Many, many years ago, humans found themselves capable of genetically engineering new species of humans. It was not necessarily out of a sense to create a new and better race, but rather than out of greed. These new people could colonize uninhabitable lands that humans could not and create moneymaking opportunities for the humans. Later, these new breeds, especially the Wolfan species, grew in number too rapidly for the humans. The Conglomerate, a coalition of the leaders of the fourteen worlds, felt threatened. What if the human subspecies decided to take over the worlds? Many people felt there was only one solution to the dilemma, to wipe out the Wolfan.

2834 AD. Explorer Amanda Parker is on a mission on the unpopulated planet of Eridani. Her task -to determine what happened to the famous geneticist, Dr. Alexander Logan and his family, thirty years ago when their vessel crashed and all onboard were assumed dead.

Amanda has never met a Wolfan, but she has always wanted to. She has no fear of the subspecies and recognizes them only as standard humans with more hair. It is the way she was raised by her family and what she believes. Plus, she has always dreamed of actually encountering a Wolfan male. The idea of being with a beast is a great deal more arousing to her than being with a gentle prince charming. When Amanda meets Karrick Logan, a Wolfan leader and the eldest son of Dr. Logan, she experiences fiery emotions and a heightened sense of sexual awareness. Karrick has never experienced such strong feelings either, and he knows upon first sense, that he and Amanda are meant to be together forever despite their differences.

Different types of DNA and the plans of the Conglomerate arenít the only things threatening to keep Amanda and Karrick apart. Shodan Konor is a Wolfan who has long tired of Karrickís leadership. He believes he should be leader and as such, should have everything that Karrick has including Amanda. If Karrick wonít hand everything over, then Shodan will take it by force, and it doesnít matter if anyone dies along the way.

The saying a book should never be judged by its cover is absolutely true. Although I had some doubts about the story line of Beast of Dreams based on the summary I read before starting the novel, I still wanted to follow through by reading the entire book. I am so glad that I did! Beast of Dreams is a steamy, mesmerizing out of this world read.

The plot is highly creative; Williams does an exceptional job of forecasting a tomorrow that hasnít even occurred but is scarily a possibility. The geographical descriptions as well as the futuristic terms applied and the account of the way of life are vivid and mentally stimulating.

As the two leads, Amanda and Karrick sizzle on paper, igniting in a volcanic eruption at each encounter that will leave readers breathless. Beast of Dreams is one of those few novels that only disappoints at the ending. This one should have gone on and on. Hopefully it will in a sequel.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Natasha.

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