by Gemma Halliday

April 2004
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Jessica Harmon was on a mission to find Blake Sutherland. She is a P.I. and her current and only job is finding the elusive Mr. Sutherland. It has taken six months and at the end she expects a big payoff, since she isnít making anything until she brings Blake Sutherland back to California. She has been living on her limited saving and her supply of money is almost out. Finally, in Allison, Texas, she locates her quarry, and some surprises.

Blake Sutherland is not at all what Jessie was hoping she would find. He isnít some nit-wit cowboy like she expected and his looks set her blood to pumping double time from her very first glance. She is speechless and well, Blake canít really tone down his attraction to Jessie, either. So what does he do, but keeps on working and keeps his back to her. LOL. Just like a man. But Jessie recovers from her speechlessness a lot faster than Blake can recover.

The attraction is instant between the two of them and that isnít all they have in common either. Both of them are stubborn and out to prove the other one just how stubborn they can be. Blake puts Jessie to work doing the most tedious chore there is on a working farm, cleaning the stalls. Of course Jessie wonít give him the satisfaction that she knows nothing about it or how to brush a horse either.

Between all this fighting attraction and stubbornness along the way, Jessie is trying to convince Blake to go back to California with her. Her main purpose is to get him to see the grandparents that he has never met. He is bitter towards them what they did to his mother after she fell in love with his father.

The Cowboys Fortune is a fast paced read that will leave you wondering what Jessie will be doing next and just what Blake will do to stay away from her. Can Jessie finally get Blake to see his grandparents and sign the paperwork for becoming their heir? Or will it all be for nothing? Will the love they find in each other and the feeling of completeness with each other be enough? Letís not forget about the fences being sabotaged on the local farms that offer Jessie a chance to show Blake just how good a P.I. she can be. I really liked both Jessie and Blake, they both have issues and the other one seems to be able to help them get over them and move forward. They were both looking for acceptance and they found it in each other.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Pam.

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