by Robin D. Owens

December 2001
ISBN: 0-515-13289-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Putnam
Mass Market Paperback

HeartMate is the story of two people who are destined to be together. The only problem is one of them doesn't know it. Danith Mallow is an orphan who believes that she possesses little or no psychic ability in a world that defines it's people by it. Rand T'Ash is a powerful and legendary nobleman and a great artisan.

When Danith walks into Rand's shop, she is unaware that he has crafted a necklace, his HeartGift. His HeartMate, the other half of his heart and soul, is the only person other than himself who can see it at is truly is. She would be drawn to it and once she accepts it, she is his forever. Danith doesn't know anything about HeartMates and HeartGifts and thinks that she is attracted to the necklace because of a spell that T'Ash has put on it. Rand is hurt when she rejects it and begins to look for a way to get her to accept it and him. What follows is a quest for acceptance and love by both of them. Danith is an orphan who's one wish is to have a big family. Rand T'Ash is the last of his line. His family was killed in a fire when he was six-years old. T'Ash was forced to spend most of his life surviving in Downwind, the most dangerous part of Celta. He wants to have a family of his own to love and to continue his family name.

When T'Ash's HeartGift is stolen, he tries to court Danith, with little success. She is unimpressed with the gifts of jewelry and flowers. Danith doesn't believe that T'Ash is interested in her because she is not of Noble birth. She is convinced that his "intentions" are not honorable. With the help of his Familiar, Zanth, T'Ash sets out to convince Danith that they are meant to be together.

When Danith is tested and finds out that she has an unusual and powerful ability, animal healing, she has to accept and deal with the changes in her life and status. She goes from commoner to Great Lady in one day. She does a good job of handling all the upheaval in her life. She tries to blend her old life with her new one.

T'Ash has still not come to terms with his life in Downwind and the deaths of his family. He hasn't told Danith anything about his past because he is afraid that she won't accept him. Danith won't accept him until he opens up emotionally to her.

HeartMate is a good read. It is full of magic and adventure. Ms. Owen has written a story that will have you believing in HeartMates and destiny.

Reviewed in November 2001 by Carolyn.

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