by Angelina Evans

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-005-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Phaeryn needs a woman in a bad way. He is searching for the right woman to be his wife and bear his children. He travelled to Earth form his home on Vampyr to find the woman who meets his specific requirements; she must be a small woman, delicate and submissive, whose duty it will be to allow him to guide her every action. Yeah, right.

When Phaeryn sends out his psychic mating call he is not prepared for the woman who answers. Kayla is tall, voluptuous and anything but submissive. She has a mind-and a will-of her own and she is not afraid to use them. This was not how she pictured her evening to turn out but she is irresistibly drawn to Phaeryn siren`s call..

Now, she seriously aroused and since he is the one who caused it, he better fix it. Phaeryn wants nothing to do with the outspoken woman in front of him, but the ever-increasing mating fervour cannot be denied. When a vampyryn`s mate answers his call the mating fervour begins and will only end when the couple… well, you get the point.

After a world rocking night of the hottest, and best passion that either of them have ever had, the real problems surface.

Come and see what those problems are and how this fascinating couple resolves them. Angelina Evans' first novel is a delight. NightStalker is a short sexy vampire story with a twist. It is cheeky, funny, and so hot in places you will blush when you remember them. The characters are interesting and as rounded as they can get in so short a read. The story would have benefited from a longer length but that is only because I was sorry to have finished this one.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Cynthia.

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