by Christina Skye

February 2002
ISBN: 0-440-23578-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Annie is now the part owner with her sister, Taylor, of the resort spa that her parents founded and loved. She gives everything to the spa and leaves really nothing for herself. She doesnít have time for anything except the spa that is until Sam shows up on her beach. Annie is a hard worker, friendly, and compassionate. We get to see just how compassionate she is when Sam shows up on the tv saving a bus with school children on it. Annie didnít know that Sam was in the military, much less a Navy SEAL.

Sam is a Navy SEAL but when he met Annie he was on an assignment and he couldnít let her know what he did for a living or even give her his true last name. Sam sustained numerous injuries during his wild ride on saving the children. Along with the injuries he also has amnesia. He canít remember anything before the accident and that includes Annie. He knows he has something important to report but he canít remember what. He just knows it is important.

Due to persistent on Annieís part and some on Taylorís she soon finds out about Sam. She agrees to help him with his physical recovery but her heart is breaking as Sam doesnít know who she is. Once Sam shows up on Annieís doorstep so do several others unknown to anyone. Oh they are not guest of the spa but there to kill Sam and anyone else that gets in the way, including Annie.

Annie and Sam both have issues they have to work through before they can be together and it takes all the time they have together and then some to work out the difficulties. Izzy Teague shows up to help them try to stay out of trouble and to help Sam with his recovery as well as helping him try to remember his current case.

My Spy is a wonderful story. Annie and Sam get another chance at their love as they both fell in love with each other during that week together. Sam is falling in love with Annie all over again. The danger comes from several fronts to stop Sam from revealing the information he canít remember. Not only does Sam have trouble but so does Annie and her trouble is coming from the spa. All the trouble coming from different directions has everyone in danger including Annie and everyone at the spa as well. Ms. Skye will have you smiling and your heart aching while you read about Annie and Sam.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Pam.

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