by Susan Crandall

August 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61410-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Army ranger Luke Boudreau felt it was his duty to travel to the Mississippi hometown of his friend Calvin Abbott to try and explain to the manís family why he had died. Luke has searched his soul for months trying to come up with words to comfort Calvinís family. The circumstances that killed Calvin are top secret and Luke must be careful just how much he reveals to the family.

Upon meeting Calvinís family Luke discovers his friend had a wife he never mentioned. Analise is feeling guilty because before she learned of Calvinís death she was thinking how her life might be better without him in the picture.

Being a man of honor Luke feels it is his duty to stay in Mississippi and try and help Calvinís troubled family deal with their unexpected loss. The longer he says the more involved in this family he becomes and the more drawn he is to the beautiful wife of his fallen comrade.

Susan Crandall has created another emotionally rich tale that will captivate her readerís once again. This is the third in this highly emotional series by Ms Crandall. As in her previous books the main characters will make their way into the readerís hearts as they deal with their trials and troubles the best way they know how. The characters of this story will long be remembered. Magnolia Sky is a tale that will bring both laughter and tears to all who read this well crafted story.

The location this time is Grover Mississippi instead of Glens Crossing Indiana but Ms Crandall does an exceptional job of giving the reader a glimpse of a small close-knit community. If you missed the first two books in this series, Back Roads and The Road Home you may want to pick them up and get caught up to date on everyone in this family before the fourth and final novel in the series, Promises To Keep is released in March 2005. Ms Crandall is a new author to watch. If you like emotionally charged family stories that make you laugh and cry then Magnolia Sky will be another winner.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Barbara.

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