by Jaci Burton

April 2004
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Senator Jason Devlin, is an attractive single man. Kelsey Harper is a reporter for the Washington Oracle. Kelseyís goal is to get close to Jason and expose his secret. There are two problems Kelsey must overcome. The first being able to get close enough to Jason to discover any secrets, the second being to discover if Jason does indeed have a secret worth revealing to the public.

To get close to Jason Kelsey tries to sneak onto his floor of the hotel where he is staying after attending a political fundraiser. Jason is ready for a night of fun and relaxation and his aide and cousin has arranged such a night for him. As Kelsey tries to sneak onto Jasonís floor she sees a woman being escorted off. She is then somewhat surprised when Jason is warm and welcoming to her, until she realizes that Jason has mistaken her for the woman who was escorted away. Jason, not knowing his prearranged date is not Kelsey invites her to his room, and she takes advantage of the opportunity.

Kelsey has often wondered why the debonair senator is single. One thought she has entertained--is that Jason is gay. She soon finds out that being gay is not the reason Jason is still single. What is that reason? When Kelsey manages to uncover that reason what will her reaction be? The chemistry between Kelsey and Jason is quick and burning. What each thought would be a one night stand soon becomes apparent to both that one night is not enough to extinguish what exists between them. However will Jasonís secret be the thing that puts out their flame, or will Kelsey be able to set aside her own traditional beliefs and follow Jason?

Running Mate has a paranormal element. Iím not the type of person who would read a book with a strong paranormal setting, but I enjoyed Running Mate. I believe that if youíre looking for a romance with a slight twist to it then you will enjoy Running Mate.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Sandi.

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