by Sahara Kelly

April 2004
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Six men have formed their own band of gypsies, traipsing around and helping as many people as they can. They have seen enough destruction and are ready to see the good turn of their deeds. Each one comes with his own secret and his own brand by the world. Their lives intertwine as they travel the countryside. So that when they break up for a bit, to each explore his own peace, their futures when they meet up again mesh back together.

Five women, each having some kind of trouble, meet the man of their dreams as a gypsy. Though, they havenít known each other as long as the men, they too begin forming bonds. And their pasts become as entangled as their futures.

This is a story not to be missed. Not only do the love scenes steam from the pages, but the story itself is wonderful. Each member of the gypsy band has his own story to tell, as does his lady. The characters seem to come alive and jump off the pages. Each of their stories so different, yet similar.

It was interesting to see how all the characters tied into one another. Some of them were surprised at the strength of the connection that had formed, even through dissimilar pasts. They all related really well to one another, also. Even the twists will entice the reader to turn the pages faster, hoping that their guess is correct! Having read a lot of erotica, I think The Gypsy Lover stands out from the rest. This is an absolute must read for fans!

Reviewed in July 2004 by Katy.

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