by Anne Kelleher

June 2004
ISBN: 0-373-80207-2
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Trade Paperback

For thousands of years, the worlds of Faire and mortal have been connected by the power of the Caul, a silver net that protects the borders between the worlds. Now, it seems the Caul has been stolen by an unlikely group of sidhe and mortals to overthrow the thrones of the queens.

Three women find themselves at the nexus of the changes in the worlds. Nessa is the only daughter of a blacksmith. When her father disappears, she goes into the Otherworld in search of him. Delphinea, a sidhe in the Otherworld, is in the middle of something she doesn’t fully understand. Cecily, a Duchess in the mortal world, will find herself trying to win a war that she doesn’t want to fight.

Working separately, they try to overcome the obstacles standing in their way. But as the battles are joined and the walls between the worlds begin to fade, the women need to rely on the people around them to help them through. The battle for both worlds has only begun.

The world of the Faire comes alive in the magical descriptions that Ms. Kelleher writes. All three women are strong and honest in their attempts to try and save their own worlds. The men are the ones who seem to be dishonest and unsure of what they want in the world. The huge cast of characters we’re introduced to in this story makes it a little hard to follow at times, but knowing that this is only the first in a series helps makes the intricate characterization and plots easier to deal with. The legends of the Faire, goblins and their ties to the mortal world that seem to abound in Celtic lore help make Ms. Kelleher’s worlds seem more real. While there isn't much romance in this particular book, there are some intriguing hints of love blooming later in the series. The ending is very open, but leaves the reader wanting more and wishing that the next book was already out, so they could continue the epic journey these three women are on.

Silver’s Edge is an straight epic fantasy filled with revenge, betrayal and honor. Everything true fantasy fans like in a book.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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