by Michelle M. Pillow

April 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-429-1
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Take a trip to England during the 1800s. Travel to an out of the way manor house where youíll never know what might find you in the mist.

Imogen Drake is the eldest daughter of the Viscount Sutherfeld. She is impetuous and beautiful. Wanting to live life on her terms, she upsets her parents greatly. She would rather marry a nice, funny man than the rich, boring Colonel her father has picked out for her. She is furious when she finds out that not only has her father agreed to marry her off to the Colonel, but that he has also hired a man to tutor her in the respectable ways of being lady. Storming from the house, she rides off, trying to escape her fate in the mist.

Dougal Weston arrives at Rothfield Park. He canít help but wonder why Imogen pretends to be what she is not. He knows she doesnít want him there, but he canít leave. Besides being Imogenís tutor, Dougal has another reason heís at the Park. Heís searching for someone. It feels like he loses another piece of his soul each day that he canít find her. He hopes that Imogen can help him discover the truth.

As Imogen and Dougal move closer to each other, the mists that surround Rothfield Park seem to be closing in. Out in the darkness, evil is hunting. Both of them fear that soon it will turn its dark gaze on the manor. Is their love going to be strong enough to face it down? Can they survive the mist?

The mist takes on a life of its own with the eerie scenes Ms. Pillow writes. This story has a nice mixture of paranormal, suspense and romance. It flows along swiftly as Imogen moves from being a spoiled girl to a determined woman. Dougalís burning quest for answers is hampered a bit by his overwhelming love for Imogen. The secondary characters help build the tension well. A tale of love conquering all.

After reading The Mists of Midnight, you will always wonder what might be hiding in the fog.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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