by Ann Jacobs

April 2004
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Selena Cross is lonely, having lost her true love and Master eight long years ago. Through her magic, stones, and spells she hopes to soon find another one. She has decided itís time to let her first master go.

Zach is in trouble. Heís been targeted by a mafia, and has been shot at more than once. He is running for a place to hide until the trial is over. His friend tells him about Selenaís place and the magical rituals that are performed there. He hopes he can hide and find some rest in his stay.

The sparks begin flying as soon as Zach and Selena meet. The reader will enjoy the sexual heat and erotic scenes. This story is based on Wicca quite a bit, and the reader unfamiliar will gain some knowledge about the practice. A quick read, this wonít take one long to read and enjoy. This is a short, intensely sexual, somewhat suspenseful novel. One will be glad to see Selena and Zach find their happiness.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Katy.

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