by Karen Kingsbury

April 2004
ISBN: 0-310-24749-7
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Karen Kingsbury fans have a lot to rejoice about in 2004 as she has several books hitting the shelves. Donít put off buying Oceans Apart any longer than you have to. Karen has outdone herself again!

Max Siefert is one lucky little boy. His mother Kiahna has made him the center of her world, and hasnít given much thought to the fact that he doesnít have a daddy until one horrifying day when the plane that Maxís mother was on dived into the ocean leaving no survivors.

Meanwhile, an ocean away from Max, airline captain Connor Evans is living the perfect life with a wife that he adores and two beautiful daughters,seldom remembering that long ago weekend in Hawaii when his marriage vows were forgotten - if only for one night.

When Connor hears about the crash and recognizes one name, he realizes any worries he had ever had about his wife Michele finding out about his infidelty are now buried deep in the ocean floor.

Connor and Michele will face the ultimate test in their marriage when Connor receives a phone call from a lawyer in Hawaii telling him he has a son named Max who comes with a stipulation. Take Max for two weeks and decide in that time if he wants to keep him forever or turn him over to the states care.

How can Michele ever learn how to forgive a ten-year-old secret that carries with it a beautiful little boy who has now been thrown into her family? Her own relationship with Christ has grown weak over the years but how will she ever get through this test without him?

This was the best inspirational novel by far that Iíve read so far this year. After the first fifty pages, I found I had already become so attached to Max and his mother that I was sobbing when her plane went down. This is yet another example of Kingsburyís tremendous talent. She delves into tough situations and shows us that with Godís love we can often learn to handle even the toughest situations.

Watch for Rejoice, the next book in Karenís series with Gary Smalley, releasing this month as well, which will be followed up in the summer by the final book Reunion.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Shelby.

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