by Julie Miller

April 2000
ISBN: 0-505-52374-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

This is the story of Emma's love of her husband, Jonathan. Unfortunately, Jonathan is dead but Emma cannot accept this. He was attached to the military has been posted as missing. Five years have passed since Jonathon disappeared and a stranger called Drew has entered her life. He is a mystery man and Emma feels drawn to him but doesn't know why. Emma's daughter even believes Drew is her Daddy.

The fantasy in this novel comes through an angel called Faith who is trying to gain her wings. She is an amateur at being an angel but her heart is in the right place. When she tries to interfere in Emma's life things go far from smoothly.

Always Faithful is a book that tugs at the heartstrings. There is a strong mystery in the book as well as the interfering of the angel, Faith, in Emma's life.

Drew is drop dead gorgeous! He is tough and rugged but has a heart of gold as we discover when he meets Emma's little daughter.

The author tells the tale well and the villains in the story are very nasty indeed. At times you really fear for Emma's safety and are glad that Drew is never too far away. There is strong sexual tension between Emma and Drew. And when the passion sparks between them it doesn't disappoint!

I enjoyed Ms. Miller's writing style. She keeps the plot fast-paced and the romance fresh throughout the story. Though there are 358 pages in the book, it never drags and she doesn't pad out the story at all.

There is an excellent cast of characters in Always Faithful. Emma has many good friends who all are very loyal to her. All these characters are well thought out and add to the story

I enjoyed this story very much and give it five stars.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Mary.

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