by Susanne Marie Knight

August 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-468-X
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Lexia always likes the freedom of movement. She didn’t like restricted clothing or well, basically anything that restricted her from doing what she wanted. From a small town in Italy, she had the freedom and didn’t have to worry about her appearance or her lack of a chaperone.

Lexia believed in “Fortuna”, which is where roses are given to a future wife from her future husband. These roses were three each of red, yellow, white and pink. Lexia received them from Roberto, her stepbrother, when she was only six years old and he didn’t know who she was.

After years of believing in “Fortuna”, Lexia gets a wake-up call from Roberto and realizes that “Fortuna” might not exist after all. Of course, her being Italian and a stepsister might have something to do with how Robert viewed her. Will “Fortuna” work out in this case? Will Robert and Lexia have a future as husband and wife?

Robert Weston, Lord Rutherford, did not enjoy the idea of raising his father’s children but he must do it. Robert had not been back in Italy since his father remarried because his father left England to never return to his rightful place. Robert was in for a surprise as he had forgotten about his stepsister.

The Contrary Contessa is an enjoyable story with a few bumps and a twist thrown in to make the lives of Robert, Lexia and everyone around them a little more unexpected. Well, with the three children that is a given. But throw into the mix an elderly aunt, an almost fiancée and a very good friend that likes spewing Shakespeare whenever he can, you aren’t quite sure what to expect. The antics of the children are just that; children at play with Lexia right in there with them with a few antics of her own. If you like to read a historical romance that isn’t set in London but in the country that has a few ruts and bumps in the story just like the road, then pick up The Contrary Contessa.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Pam.

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