by Vikki Simmons

August 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-387-X
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I will start out by saying that I have not read a romance involving teenagers in quite a while; in fact I canít remember the last time that I have. I wasnít quite sure what to make of the story involving high school kids, but I soon found out I had nothing to worry about.

Trisha is all about school and work. She is after a scholarship to help her with college, as she doesnít want anything to do with her mother after her parents divorce. She wonít accept a dime from her and is out to prove that she can make it to college on her own. She doesnít have a life outside of that; she canít have one to her way of thinking. But that all seems to change when Jon Higheagle steps into the picture.

Trisha hears about all she can take from her friend Rita about Jon. Jon this and Jon that, and yes we will be there to make signs. Anything and everything for Nita to get close to Jon and she does try but to no avail as Jon seems to have eyes only for Trisha.

This puts a strain on the friendship of Trisha and Rita. But it also puts the scholarship in jeopardy for Trisha as well. Jon is an activist for the environment and the stryofoam containers the school uses is dangerous for the earth.

From one incident to another that stems from the protest put Trisha in further jeopardy with the principal and with it, the threat of the scholarship being taken away from her. In Trishaís effort to keep the scholarship, it drives her away from Jon.

The title says it all. The story is about loyalties and where they lie. Can there be a middle ground or is it all one sided for both her parents divorce and Jon? Trisha has a lot of emotions that she is not dealing with and isnít quite sure how to go about dealing with them, as she stopped feeling anything when her mother left. Can she open herself up to Jon? What about her mother? This is just some off the issues she must face.

Divided Loyalties is a story that will pull at your heart and having you rooting for the good guys and hoping the good guys come out in the end. True there isnít any romance besides holding hands and the prospect of falling in love and seeing the love in each otherís eyes as well as the hurt and pain. But there is something that calls to Trishaís heart.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Pam.

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