by Suzanne Marie Calvin

March 2004
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Calhoun Turner is awaiting the beginning of a new life. Heís going from being a bachelor to becoming a happy groom. Heís pursued Marcia Forbes for two years, and feels wonderful that heís finally convinced the sexy news anchor that heís the man for her. However, when the wedding march starts itís not Calís bride coming down the aisle, but her sister with a message for Cal. Marcia has taken advice from a woman named Fiona Kelly who pens the advice column known as Fionaís Fancy, and is standing poor Cal up at the altar.

Now itís time to fast forward. Cal has been using his increasing popularity as a radio talk show host to berate Fiona Kelly and her column. He is relentless in his desire to ruin her credibility, and force her column to cease printing. In his pursuit of what he believes to be his right to revenge, he arranges an accidental meeting of Fiona.

When they meet face to face Cal is extremely surprised by Fiona. The attraction is mutual, but they are both weary of each other for very different reasons. Cal because he thinks Fionaís beliefs are just this side of hocus pocus and Fiona because she has a strong belief in fate, astrology, and her more simple natural ways.

Cal and Fiona have to learn to how to be totally honest with each other. Itís not easy, and takes a potentially dangerous situation for them to realize that their relationship is worth the effort.

Iíd never heard of Suzanne Marie Calvin, but am always on the search for a new author. Sometimes you lose big time, and other times you hit the Jackpot. With Fionaís Fancy I hit the super jackpot. I do believe it will make you laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the next turn of events. My recommendation take a chance, because youíre sure to be a winner.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Sandi.

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