by Kathleen O`Connor

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59466-018-2
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No Accident starts off with the prologue of a man, David, getting killed. Yes, the first page of the story and the story revolves around Mitch solving the crime and the new girl, Tess, that started working where David worked after his death. I think this is the first book where I have seen this happen. Iím glad it happened in the prologue and not further into the book, because David from what was told of him in the story, would have been one that you would have said finally, yes when he was killed.

Mitch Gallagher is a man barely hanging onto his own existence. He has been a shell of himself since his wife died over a year ago and has worked himself hard to the point he doesnít eat or sleep. Mitch begins to show interest in Tess, he thinks she is a Celtic heroine. It was funny at times to see Mitch around Tess, as it seems he always said the wrong thing or maybe the right thing but Tess always took it wrong.

Tess wasnít sure how she felt towards Mitch. It seemed to her he was putting her down or making comments about her size or something. Tess was having a hard time of it as well, she just got out of a ten year relationship that left her feeling down on herself and didnít trust any men, including Detective Gallagher.

Now that Tess is working at Rayex, she does a little snooping of her own on trying to find Davidís killer. She is certain the killer works for Rayex, she just has to figure out who it is, this is the same theory the police have. But will Tessís snooping get her into danger?

No Accident is a wonderful story of moving on with oneís life when there has been heartaches and distrust. Tess and Mitch each learn to be friends and learn to trust each other, before they can commit to one another. Can they work on the case together and solve Davidís murder without them being hurt in the process? The secondary characters are fascinating to see and how Tess and Mitch each work with them and assess them, as to if they could be the killer and learn from them to help each get over their past and move forward and of course, find the killer.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Pam.

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