by Judi McCoy

December 2001
ISBN: 0-8217-7141-8
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Mass Market Paperback

You're The One by Judi McCoy is the story of the late Cassandra Kinross and living and bodacious Rand MacPherson. Cassandra has spent the last 100 years as a spirit, wandering the house in which she was murdered by Rand's great-uncle Collin for refusing to marry him - and she is unable to leave. Luckily for her the house has been empty ever since the tragic event and she's content to let it remain so. Unfortunately, Rand has other ideas.

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Rand's always been fascinated by the big old house. No one except his flighty mother believes old uncle Collin's ramblings about a ghost haunting the place, so there's really nothing stopping him from renovating it and moving in. Or so he thinks.

Cassandra isn't about to let a MacPherson male take over her home. Her sanctuary. Her place of unrest. And not being one to keep quiet about her feelings, she makes sure Rand knows in no uncertain terms that she will not stand for a stinking MacPherson inhabiting her house.

Unfortunately for Cassandra, Rand is made of sterner stuff. And what's worse, he has a sense of humor about life that just may prove to be Cassandra's undoing.

Cassandra is quite admirable for a ghost. She's outspoken, determined and she possesses some very cool supernatural abilities. In life she was a witch and although she's let her power go a bit since she became one of the dead, she's still got a few tricks up her sleeve and she uses them to baffle Rand as often as she can, in an attempt to change his mind about moving in.

Rand is initially a very interesting and enjoyable character. He seems to greet most things in life with a smile and a chuckle. But, as the story wore on Rand displayed a few characteristics that at one point made me actively dislike him. One of the things that irked me was his treatment of his mom. There's just a general air of antagonism whenever the story referred to him and her. As readers, we're given both sides of the story so we know why his mother hasn't been as large an influence over his life as most caring mothers are. Perhaps if I hadn't been privy to that information I wouldn't have taken his criticism of her as such a major character flaw. Also, Rand is quite inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Some of his actions are done without a thought as to how the other person might feel. He removes the door to Cassandra's sanctuary so that she can't hide from him ever again. Well, duh!! He's invaded her privacy, and her home of 100 years and he's making her feel all of these weird emotions she hadn't even felt when she was alive. And then there's some weird thing happening to her body that she's having some trouble adjusting to. I'd say the woman deserves a little privacy. He didn't do it to hurt her, he just wasn't thinking of how his actions would affect her. Rand wasn't all bad but he definitely wouldn't make it on my top 100 best male leads list.

One of the best characters in the book is Duke, Rand's friend and one of the foremen in his construction company. Man, this guy is great! Talk about real hero material. Big, strong, easy going, and soft-spoken - but he shows backbone when it's needed. And you have to love a man who gets a bit tongue-tied around the object of his desires. In this case Rand's over achiever sister, Nancy. Nancy, is going through a difficult divorce and both she and her son could use a bit of Duke in their life.

You're The One has an engaging plot, mostly cool characters and is thoroughly entertaining. The one reason I gave it a three and a half rose rating, and not a four or four and a half, is Rand. I can't stand men who for no real reasons are so insensitive to those around him. And despite the fact that he's a pretty good guy when he makes an effort, he is still this book's major flaw.

This book isn't a keeper but I'd read more of Ms. McCoy's work.

Reviewed in January 2002 by JaToya.

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