by Kerrie Droban

December 2002
ISBN: 1-58608-403-8
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Maya is a prosecutor who is determined to nail all wife beaters. She is called to view the body of a copís wife. He is a known wife beater. Maya knows he must be the killer, his brother guy thinks there is a chance he might be innocent of the killing. Sparks fly between Guy and Maya.

This was a good story strong in plot, but you donít want to have a queasy stomach, as this is no tame romance with a little suspense. This is a gritty suspense novel with an added romance.

When the author describes the jail conditions that Guyís, brother is held under, I could almost smell the stale urine and sweat she described. Told you it wasnít for the faint hearted! Maya, being a victim of abuse, sees it her mission in life to deal with abusers through the law.

Why do things always seem eerie at night during a storm? The author uses this scenario with good effect, getting the most tension she can wring from the scene. Maya is no coward, but she can sure get spooked when Kerrie Droban sets the scene. It makes Maya seem very human.

Guy had his own demons to confront, just as Maya does. A good setting, to make it difficult for the two of them to get past this to accept that they are attracted to each other.

The authors writing style is very crisp and she wastes no words, yet she uses words in a way that pull the reader into her story. There are a few subplots through the story and a lot of danger before the final verdict is reached. A good read for lovers of romantic suspense that like their suspense on the dark side.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Mary.

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