by Lindsay McKenna

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-21878-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

When I heard that Lindsay McKenna was going to have a new book out, I had to grab it. She is one of the few authors that I automatically buy, just because her name is on the cover. Then when I found out that the newest one was to be about Jason Trayhern, I was ecstatic. I have reading her books and watching Jason grow from a traumatized young boy to a rebellious teenager. Finally, here he is - an angry adult.

Jason Trayhern knows this is his last chance. If he canít get along with his new pilot at the 101st Airborne, he will be discharged out of the army in disgrace. He knows how disappointed his parents already are with him. Yet he canít seem to change. His bad reputation has followed him through his military career. He knows that heís only there on sufferance. That his fatherís legendary status among the military is whatís keeping him from getting kicked out. A status that he can never hope to live up to. Jasonís going to try hard this time.

Annie Dazen is a full-blooded Apache and one of the best helicopter pilots the Army has. She has three months to get to know Jason and make him a part of her team before they ship out to Afghanistan. She knows the 101st is his last chance. Annie is secure and confident in her own abilities. Sheís sure she can teach this man how to open his heart and lower his defenses. Thatís the only way heíll make it as a member of her team.

The two pilots grow closer as Jason starts to open his heart to Annie. But their duty to their country must come first. Any relationship is put on hold as they start their tour of duty in Afghanistan. They are still planting the roots for a deep relationship when a tragic event occurs. Annie and Jason must figure out if their love is enough to see them through the rough times ahead.

Ms. McKenna didnít disappoint with this great installment of her on-going Morganís Mercenaries series. The book opens with Jason being angry at the world. Through the love of a strong woman, he begins to see the errors of his ways. He learns to heal himself and his family. Annie is a typical McKenna heroine. Sheís independent and in touch with her spiritual side. Sheís willing to give people a chance to make mistakes and to learn from them. The inclusion of Native American shamanism always gives the story a deeper feel. It becomes a learning experience for the reader as well as the characters.

First Born is a story of healing families and hearts. I can only hope that Ms. McKenna will give us more glimpses into the fascinating Trayhern family.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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