by Ann Maxwell

March 1997 (Reissue of 1996)
ISBN: 0-7860-0368-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pinnacle
Mass Market Paperback

Timeshadow Rider by Ann Maxwell is the ultimate in paranormal romance. What makes this book so incredible is actually surprisingly hard to explain. But I'll try. Timeshadow Rider is a combination of sci-fi and romance. You have a world (dimension? galaxy?) whether it's the past or the future is unexplained and irrelevant. In this time amazing beings exist: the Za'arains. Za'arain is the birthing point of a civilization that spans many planets. It's also the home of the timeshadow riders, people who have the power to ride and manipulate the time line of all living things. Some can only ride the lines of a living being, some can only ride the lines of object that have come into contact with beings who have died. I will stop myself there, because although I'm tempted to go into further detail, to do so would lead to a 20 page review. I'll save you that horror.

The gist of Timeshadow Rider is that the Eyes of Za'ar, which are an incredibly important tool of the ruler of Za'arain and therefore is incredibly important to this entire civilization, have been stolen. And our two main characters need to retrieve the Eyes desperately.

Kanen ZaDaraien/Kiri and Sharia ZaDarien/Kiri are our two mains. Powerful psis (psi = possesor of psychic ability) from the planet Za'arain, they have been separate for many years by order of the ruler of Za'arain. But now that ruler is dead and they are needed to find the Eyes. Kane and Sharia's love for one another is entwined through this book. The fact of their need for each other is unmistakable, undeniable and unrelenting. It is a power in and of itself and it is the force behind this book. Unfortunately, without the Eyes to control the psis of Za'arain, Sharia and Kane cannot be together without catastrophic results. Their love is forbidden even as their need for each other grows. And when two such powerful psis need each other, it is physical, emotional, mental and it reaches through time, from their past lives to their future existences. They need each other in the then, the now and the always.

Timeshadow Rider is rife with intriguing characters, fascinating worlds and exotic creatures. The writing style is remarkable and completely captivating.

I've read this book at least 50 times over the past few years and I have yet to get tired of it. I really can't say much more than read this book. It has my wholehearted recommendation.

Reviewed in January 2002 by JaToya.

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