by Jacey Ford

June 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19685-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Aimee, Daphne and Raine, all former FBI agents and best friends have joined together to form their own company, a corporate security firm called Partners In Crime. The fledgling business is in desperate need of some quick cash flow. That is the only reason Raine Robey accepts the case Calder Preston throws her way. You see Raine and Calder have quite a past.

In her last case with the FBI Raine had worked hard to bring a child molester to justice. She had finally gotten enough evidence on him to make her case and as she was leading him, handcuffed into custody when a sniper took him out. It was suspected that Raine was in on the hit her lover fellow FBI agent Calder Preston hesitated a bit too long to defend her. His lack of faith in her hurt her more than she could ever let him know. Thatís why she wasted no time in breaking up with Calder and leaving the bureau.

Calder knows he made a huge mistake ever doubting Raine and is desperate to have her in his life any way he can. Thatís why when a kindly old man who believes his daughter is in danger asks for Calderís help Calder throws the case Raineís way. No Calder doesnít believe the manís story but this will give him the excuse he needs to get close to Raine again and maybe he can put things right.

Fifteen-year-old girl is snatched while sleeping in the back of her motherís SUV. Actually the thieves just want the car and donít realize the girl is there. When they discover her presence though they knock her out and proceed with their plans for the car.

The case of the daughter in trouble that Raine is investigating leads her to some strange happenings at a car manufacturing plant. While touring the plant Raine notices that someone is putting something into the cars as they come off the assembly line.

Could the manís fear for his daughterís safety, the missing SUV and the suspicious activity at the car manufacturing plant all be connected? Come along and find out as you enjoy this fascinating new novel of romantic suspense by new author Jacey Ford.

Dangerous Curves was a fast paced story that kept this reader up well past her bedtime. Ms. Ford creates characters that the reader will love. She adds many twists and turns to what starts out as a simple story. The secondary characters of Amiee and Daphne, Raineís business partners are delightful and suggest that there are at least two more stories to be told about the partners. Another compelling character is the 15-year-old Megan Mulroney who relies on her sharp wits and sheer determination to stay alive in this page turning story. A new name has arrived in the romantic suspense genre and her name is Jacey Ford! I am anxiously awaiting the second installment featuring the Partners In Crime girls by the talented Ms Ford. Get ready to add a new name to your auto buy lists after reading this one.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Barbara.

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