by Patti O`Shea

November 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52593-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

The five-month wait is over and the fabulous 2176 series continues in Patti O’Shea’s amazing The Power Of Two, the fourth book in the remarkable action adventure series.

Cai Randolph and Jake Tucker have been a Quandem team for years. Neural implants have been implanted in the two to allow them to communicate with their minds. Jake has always thought Cai was a computer but he is about to find out that she is a real woman when they are called to go to the Raft cities to search for the elusive Banzai Maguire and Ty Armstrong.

Cai has another reason for wanting to go on the mission. She is convinced that her parents may be alive in the Raft cities and she needs Jake’s help to find them.

Cai and Jake are about to embark on the most dangerous mission of their lives and they must learn to trust one another implicitly. The big question is will the two be able to complete this mission and remain just friends?

The Power Of Two is Patti O’Shea’s sophomore effort as a published author and she doesn’t disappoint. I found this installment of the 2176 series to be perhaps the most technical of the series this far. This isn’t a bad thing as Ms. O’Shea does a marvelous job of explaining the technical stuff to the reader.

I found Jake and Cai to be compelling characters and the action kept the reader turning pages. Ms O’Shea has done a splendid job of furthering this series and I give The Power Of Two my highest recommendation. Grab a copy today and experience what I believe to be the best series of 2004. All four books are on my keeper shelf and I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion of this outstanding series in December.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Barbara.

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