by Paris Dixon

March 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-220-0
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Vita Omnia is a Royal Witch. Literally. She is a daughter of the Queendom of Travettica on B’Atrani. Each Royal Witch has Vessels, a chosen Force who supplied the witches with the required fuel to maintain the power of witchcraft. A Force consisted of a dozen male mortals each having the equipment needed to provide the required seed to produce offspring. The seed also sufficiently sustain the witch’s magical powers.

Vita chose her Force with care. Each male was remarkably attractive and potent. While she was pleased with all of her Vessels there was one to whom she was partial. His name is Bron D’Extrian. He’d been chosen to fill the position of Vessel for Vita when one of her Vessels had mysteriously perished, leaving an opening in her Force. While she was sad to have lost her Vessel, had circumstances been different, she would never have met Bron. Nor fallen in love with him. The fact that Bron and Vita were in love would mean more power for her as she reaches full Witchhood. They would unite on her Day of Achievement. He would become Sovereign Vessel, thus acquiring some of Vita’s power.

Not everyone is delighted with Vita’s happiness. As next in line for the throne, Vita becomes a target. Bron vows to protect her with his life. Subsequently, he is targeted as well. An envious sister, nefarious schemes and whispers of treason put a damper on the approaching Day.

The Essence of Magic is a fun fantasy by Paris Dixon. The world she has built is both erotic and creative. The sex is graphic and hot enough to make the book sizzle. Also provided is the humor to balance political conspiracies that supply the drama. Ms. Dixon has produced an interesting story that will capture the imagination of her readers.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Rho.

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